Digital Transformation Solutions for Higher Education


Higher Education

At KTech Products, we have a dedicated digital transformation practice for higher educational institutions designed to boost student retention, success and enrollments through business process optimization, exceptional customer service and improvements in staff productivity. We perform a detailed assessment of business processes, identify the areas of business transformation, and create a roadmap to meet the digital transformation goals.

Solutions for Higher Education

Online Admissions Application Portal (“OAAP”)

A comprehensive solution that helps higher educational entities to manage their online admission applications efficiently – resulting in 80-90% faster completion of online applications and 80% faster processing of the applications leading to higher student retention and enrollments.

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Transcript OCR to Student Information System (“DigiScript”)
DigiScript is an innovative solution that improves the higher education admission process by automating the student transcript data to Student Information System (SIS) in under 1 minute. DigiScript is powered by highly intelligent RPA & OCR Bots trained using AI/ML algorithms.

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Chatbot for Applicants
KTech’s Chatbot for Applicants provides 24/7 Application Support, comes integrated with the online admissions application, and can be used for marketing about the University/College. The chatbot solution can be deployed within 2 months.

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Chatbot for Students
KTech’s Chatbot for Students can provide 24/7 service to the students and support their life at the campus and in the University programs. The chatbot can be easily integrated with websites, student systems, ERP, departments, and various enterprise applications to offer a wholesome experience to the students.

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A.I.-Powered Digital Transformation Solutions for Higher Education


Digi Campus is a comprehensive suite of applications built for the higher educational entities. It encompasses the end-to-end lifecycle of a student and consists of several applications, fully integrated with the backend ERP and/or Student Information Systems.

Test Automation
KTech has built comprehensive integrated automated testing solution that works with all leading ERP and Student Information Systems such as Oracle Cloud, PeopleSoft, Workday, Banner, SAP, and more. The testing tools - TASK and PETA - automate the usual testing tasks, wherever possible resulting in up to 80% reduction in testing effort & cost.

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Load Testing for Enterprise Applications
KTech’s PTE is a performance (load/stress) testing tool built on JMeter that helps you identify on-line stress points or system bottlenecks where the performance of an ERP and/or Student Information System degrades to an unacceptable level.

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Data Security & Privacy
KTech offers a wide range of data security and privacy related products and services that help higher educational entities to comply with security and compliance requirements. Data Scrambling & Unscrambling, Data Masking using MFA for on-prem and cloud applications and Data Encryption are few examples of our security products.

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