AR Billing Automation

Account Receivable Automation:

Making your Accounts Receivables Automation processes more efficient​

POWERED BY - Friendly User Interface, Intelligent Automation (IA), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

KTech’s RPA powered AR Billing Automation Solution is a "best of breed" Accounts Receivable Software which enables you to improve your cash flow by preparing invoices, sending timely billing to customers, quickly settle invoice disputes, following up on unpaid invoices, and manage bank reconciliation.


👍 Improved Cash Flow

👍 Single solution To Manage All Account Receivables​

KTech offers our “best of breed” Accounts Receivable Software combined with rapid deployment and managed support services. ​


Addresses the following challenges of manual AR/Billing processing. ​

  • Manual AR Billing processing is time consuming, costly, and inaccurate
  • AR Invoice processing, tracking, and reconciliation is labor intensive
  • Sometimes settling invoice disputes may take several months impacting your cash flow
  • Processing cost of all invoices sent-out in a year is high
  • Manual data entry is prone to human error


How does our solution work?​

Minimal Manual Intervention​

Only when Bots notice any anomaly in invoices before sending to customers

Easily Detects Unpaid Bills​

Account reconciliation through identifying unpaid invoices

Works with leading ERP Systems

Plug-n-Play Core Connectors for: PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, Workday
Recorded Webinar

AP Invoice Automation, AR Billing Automation, Transcript to SIS Automation

Automation of key business processes with bots handling both repetitive and complex tasks can enable organizations to optimize their processes and save operational costs. Learn about our proven business process automation solutions on our webinar: “AP Invoice Automation, AR Billing Automation, Transcript to SIS Automation”.

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