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Rapid Digital Transformation - Assessment & Roadmap​

Digital Transformation is a business process transition that leverages leading edge technologies to optimize business functions. KTech takes you full solution cycle on the digital transformation journey from initial assessment through to full automation leveraging a combination of optical character recognition (OCR), robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning (ML), User Interface (UI), and User Experience (UX) technologies.

Utilizing our proven rapid path Agile Implementation Methodology, “AIM”, we follow a disciplined approach from initial evaluation of business process, identification of automation opportunities, business rules definition, technical script creation, process scheduling, exception handling, documentation, training, enhancement, and support.

Business Drivers for Digital Transformation



Quality Improvement

  • Early Error Recognition and Reduction​
  • Reduction of Root Cause Analysis Cost​
  • Achievement of Repeatable & Sustainable Processes​
  • Real time monitoring and notification​​
  • Improve and Uniformed Customer Experience​​
  • Improve Cyber Security and Audit Ready Compliance


Transform Business using technologies

  • Create business competitive​ edge​
  • Increase capacity to scale up business operations​
  • Reduction of transactions times
  • Increase productivity without additional resources
  • Integrate complex systems and platforms without APIs​
  • Timely technology adoption
  • Meet needs of fast changing technology​


Time & Personal Constraints

  • Digital Workers work 24x7x365
  • Reallocation of resources to increase business productivity
  • Bot handle repetitive work intelligently
  • Human Error associated with manual processes
  • High cost of resources​


Budget constraints to increase capacities

  • Digital Workers are inexpensive (Intelligent Bots)​
  • Automation reduces cost of errors and omissions
  • Automation allows for instant capacity increases
  • Reduce Operational Costs​
  • Leaner Operations



  • Costly maintenance of Multiple, disconnected legacy systems & software
  • Multiple complex integrations
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Compliance and audit risk
  • Lack of advanced data analytics
Our Assessment Services

Many organizations have a defined scope for digital transformation, which serves as the basis for the initiation of KTech’s full life cycle digital transformation methodology, “AIM”, beginning with an initial assessment.

Business Challenges Typically Resolved by Digital Transformation

Recorded Webinar

Rapid Digital Transformation - Roadmap & Journey

Year 2020 saw companies investing over $1.3 trillion dollars into digital transformation, with that figure expected to top $2.3 trillion by 2023. But achieving sustainable ROI from digital transformation projects can be a challenge. Join us our webinar: “Rapid Digital Transformation – Roadmap & Journey” to learn how we partner with our clients and create a roadmap for a smooth Digital Transformation journey.

Our assessment process is well-defined

We create a comprehensive roadmap based on your digital transformation goals, short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals.

Identify key Stakeholders

Brainstorm with Customer team to identify all possible stakeholders. Losing sight of any relevant stakeholder can cause gaps in the assessment process.

Collecting key requirements

Brainstorming, One-on-one interviews, Focus groups, Direct observation, Surveys, studying existing documentation,
Prototyping, Reverse engineering

Review & Analyze

Identify gaps, pain points
and areas of opportunities

We make a difference

All our Services are customer focused
and cost-effective.​