Digital Transformation Solutions for Healthcare



At KTech Products, several of our digital solutions have been designed for the healthcare industry to fully or semi-automate business processes, achieve higher operational efficiency and quick ROI through cost savings.

Solutions for Healthcare Sector

Paper to Digitization Solutions
KTech’s Paper to Digitization solutions help healthcare organizations that rely on paper-based processes requiring significant manual effort and time. Online / web-based forms, workflows with automated alerts and notifications, auto-assignment of tasks and tracking based on SLAs, role-based access, and standard and custom reports and analytics replace the paper-based processes leading to enhanced staff performance and operational efficiency.

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Mobile Expense Management & Auditing Automation (MobilEx )
Healthcare is one such industry where employees need to travel quite frequently. KTech’s MobilEx is a smart mobile application with intelligent OCR capability allowing healthcare employees to create and submit their travel related expense reports in a hassle-free manner. The solution comes integrated with Expense Audit RPA BOT to help organizations effectively manage their employees’ expenses and reimbursements through auditing automation.

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AP Invoice & PO Reconciliation Automation
KTech’s RPA & OCR powered AP Invoice & PO Reconciliation Automation Solution enables healthcare entities to optimize their AP/Invoice process and keep their supply chain robust. Our solution is designed to overcome the challenges of manual invoice processing which is time consuming, costly, and inaccurate.

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AR/Billing Automation
KTech’s RPA powered AR Billing Automation Solution enables healthcare entities to improve their cash flow by preparing and sending invoices timely to the customers, settling invoice disputes, following up on unpaid invoices, and bank reconciliation.

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Chatbot for Customers
KTech’s KayBot is a Comprehensive chatbot solution with AI capabilities to manage both transactional and non-transactional interactions. KayBot can help healthcare organizations to provide 24/7/365 service to their customers through user-friendly and intuitive chats. KayBot can be easily integrated with clinical applications, enterprise applications and calendar scheduling.

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Test Automation Suite For Enterprise Applications (TASK)
KTech TASK is an end-to-end Test Automation Suite that works with all enterprise cloud and on-premise applications including Oracle ERP, Oracle Cloud, SAP, Workday, PeopleSoft, and Salesforce. It automates the usual testing tasks, wherever possible resulting in up to 80% reduction in testing effort & cost.

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Load Testing for Enterprise Applications
KTech’s PTE is a performance (load/stress) testing tool built on JMeter that helps you identify on-line stress points or system bottlenecks where the performance of an ERP and/or other enterprise application degrades to an unacceptable level.

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Digital Transformation Solutions| Ktech Products

Digital Transformation Solutions| Ktech Products

Data Security & Privacy
KTech offers a wide range of data security and privacy related products and services that help healthcare entities to comply with security and compliance requirements. Data Scrambling & Unscrambling, Data Masking using MFA for on-prem and cloud applications and Data Encryption are few examples of our security products.

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