auditing automation solution for NYU Langone health


Mobile Expense & Auditing Automation Solution 

Go Live:

August 2020​

Client: ​

NYU Langone Health


Mobile app, RPA, OCR, Finance, Audit, Healthcare 

Business Need​ ​

The client organization was using a legacy manual paper-based expense and auditing application for 40,000 users. This process was too cumbersome and expensive. They engaged KTech to implement the Mobile Expense Report Automation with Audit Solution and Integrate with PeopleSoft Expense Module for scanning and uploading of approximately 336,000 annual expenses (8,400 Expense Reports) into PeopleSoft followed by auditing of expense reports before it gets submitted for manager’s approval.

Our Solution


KTech delivered the Mobile Expense & Auditing Automation Solution – a simple yet highly effective end-to-end solution for intake, processing, auditing and submission of expense reports right from an employee’s mobile device that seamlessly integrates with PeopleSoft Expenses. This is achieved with Smart OCR and Machine Learning (ML) for the capture of the expense, utilizing Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Smart Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to Audit the expense, an Application Programming Interface (API) to PeopleSoft Expense Module services to fully automate the Expense Reporting Process of approximately 336,000 Expenses received on an annual basis for the Accounts Payables department.

Business Value Delivered

  • Our solution reduced the manual effort by 73% during auditing which is equivalent to 8 FTEs (Full Time Equivalent). 

  • Refining the Engine: Over time through Machine Learning and Manual Expense auditor tweaks to RPA with smart OCR templates and company rule adjustments to best practices, the process can be improved further to over 80% automation and even 98% automation.

  • Our solution catering to 40,000 users and approximately 336,000 annual expenses (8,400 Expense Reports); easily scalable to address more users and expense reports.


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