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Managed Services – KTech Digital Cloud

what we do

Managed Services Provider

We are Digital Managed Services Provider and our services are designed to ensure continuous improvement while you continue to focus on your core business. Most of our clients have chosen KTech’s Digital Cloud services for their RPA solutions. Our digital managed services typically include the following
Proactive Production Support

Proactive Production Support

Change Request Management

Change Request Management

Integration <br>Testing​


Continuous Enhancements

Continuous Enhancements

Integrations <br> Development


Value-added Innovative Services

Value-added Innovative Services

RPA Managed Services - Approach & Structure​

Robotic Process Automation as a Service​

New RPA BOT Development​

Incident Management​

Release Management​

Monitoring & Maintenance

Advantages of RPA Managed Services in KTech’s Digital Cloud​

  • Eliminates Turn around time for Deployment of code​
  • Eliminates Middleware support Team for RPA server maintenance and Migrations​
  • RPA Support services during your business hours​
  • Partnership with leading RPA technologies for constant innovations and updates​
  • Eliminates Robotic Process Automation Licenses and Bot maintenance​
  • Eliminates the need for database Team to support databases and data migration requests​
  • Highly scalable servers to meet growing demand​
  • Better issue/change tracking and managing through KTech Project tracking tool​
  • Well defined SLAs to manage bugs and change requests​
  • Better communication between Business and Development team for Adhoc runs and business changes​
  • Proactive Monitoring and Optimization​
  • Enhanced Reporting services to address data/Bot related issues​
  • Eliminates server maintenances as all Bots will be moved to KTech cloud resulting in lower cost​
  • You will be charged on-need basis and during bot execution hours​
  • Pricing could be made more flexible and affordable as less teams are involved​
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