Digital Transformation Program Execution

What we do

Digital Transformation Program Execution

Based on your Digital Transformation Roadmap, we create a detailed program and project plan. This includes an overall project scope definition, initial proof of value scope, budget, timeline, and dedicated team of experts. Our objective is a rapid completion of the initial proof of value to realize a quick return on investment (ROI) followed by a full program execution of the Digital Transformation Program duplicating the initial success on a greater scale. This is achieved through KTech’s proven Agile based methodology, “AIM”.

Systematically Structured Program & Project Management Delivery

  • Team of senior level digital transformation subject matter experts ​
  • Quick and Tangible Results​
  • Clearly defined Scope, Cost and Time​
  • Realistic Project Plan with Tasks, Owner, Duration, and Dependencies​
  • Proactive Risk Management. Collaborate and Guide wherever needed​
  • Regular Status Updates​
  • Transparent and Honest communication​
  • Quick issue escalations to ensure timely corrective actions. ​
  • Focus on Quality and Effective Resource Utilization​
  • No Excuses. Only Results
Rapid Implementation Services

Execute the Agile Digital Transformation
Program to realize quick ROI.

Each project to follow rapid implementation methodology
An amazing aerial view of the Riga old town during a heavy snow
Projects to execute in parallel for rapid implementation​
Each project will receive Continuous Improvements managed services support​
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