Jai Chitkara, CEO at KTech Products, has been named one of the Top 10 Most Innovative CEOs to Follow in 2022 by Analytics Insight Magazine.  |        Haiku Pro has chosen KTech's Performance Testing to perform Load Testing to evaluate their infrastructure.  |  KTech's DigiScript Solution for Student Transcript OCR Automation is now live for 1,600+ Colleges and 4,000+ High Schools at NJIT  |  Skyworks has chosen KTech's RPA as-a-Service to power their digital transformation journey.  |  CDW has engaged KTech on their digital transformation journey. The journey begins with RPA Upgrade and RPA Cloud Assessment.  |  Jai Chitkara, CEO at KTech Products Recognized as a UiPath Most Valuable Professional.  |  KTech’s Online Admissions Application Portal is now live for 10 colleges at Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.  |  KTech’s Mobile Expense Management and Auditing Automation solution is live at NYU Langone . Digital Transformation Solutions for Government & Public Sector | KTech Products

Digital Transformation Solutions for Government & Public Sector


Government & Public Sector

In Government/Public Sector, KTech Products has been working with several City and State agencies helping them with their digital transformation journey. From assessment to implementation of digital technologies & business transformation converting manual, paper-based, excel based error-prone processes to fully automated systems with workflows and all types of error handling and reporting – we specialize in all.

Solutions for Government & Public Sector

Paper to Digitization Solutions
KTech’s Paper to Digitization solutions help public sector organizations that rely on paper-based processes requiring significant manual effort and time. Online / web-based forms, workflows with automated alerts and notifications, auto-assignment of tasks and tracking based on SLAs, role-based access, and standard and custom reports and analytics replace the paper-based processes leading to enhanced employee performance and operational efficiency.

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AP Invoice & PO Reconciliation Automation
KTech’s RPA & OCR powered AP Invoice & PO Reconciliation Automation Solution enables public sector entities to optimize their AP/Invoice process and overcome the challenges of manual invoice processing which is time consuming, costly, and inaccurate.

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AR/Billing Automation
KTech’s RPA powered AR Billing Automation Solution enables public sector entities to improve their cash flow by preparing and sending invoices timely to the customers/constituents, settling invoice disputes, following up on unpaid invoices, and bank reconciliation.

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Mobile Expense Management & Auditing Automation (MobilEx )
KTech’s MobilEx is a smart mobile application with intelligent OCR capability allowing public sector employees to create and submit their travel related expense reports in a hassle-free manner. The solution comes integrated with Expense Audit RPA BOT to help organizations effectively manage their employees’ expenses and reimbursements through auditing automation.

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Chatbot for Citizens
KTech’s KayBot is a Comprehensive chatbot solution with AI capabilities to manage both transactional and non-transactional interactions. KayBot can help various Cities to provide 24/7/365 service to their citizens through user-friendly and intuitive chats available on all major browsers and running even on low internet bandwidth.

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Test Automation Suite For Enterprise Applications (TASK)
KTech TASK is an end-to-end Test Automation Suite that works with all enterprise cloud and on-premise applications including Oracle ERP, Oracle Cloud, SAP, Workday, PeopleSoft, and Salesforce. It automates the usual testing tasks, wherever possible resulting in up to 80% reduction in testing effort & cost.

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Load Testing for Enterprise Applications
KTech’s PTE is a performance (load/stress) testing tool built on JMeter that helps you identify on-line stress points or system bottlenecks where the performance of an ERP and/or other enterprise application degrades to an unacceptable level.

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Digital Transformation Solutions| Ktech Products

Digital Transformation Solutions| Ktech Products

Data Security & Privacy
KTech offers a wide range of data security and privacy related products and services that help public sector entities to comply with security and compliance requirements. Data Scrambling & Unscrambling, Data Masking using MFA for on-prem and cloud applications and Data Encryption are few examples of our security products.

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