Your Partner in your <strong>Digital Transformation</strong> Journey

Your Partner in your Digital Transformation Journey

At KTech Products, our mission is to deliver cost- effective digital transformation solutions following our robust and proven customer success model. We help you transform your business and processes digitally through innovation and automation.

We specialize in RPA implementations, managed services, smart OCR, AI, ML, and intelligent and integrated chatbot and have successfully created customer-focused digital technology practices & products. KTech offers over 15 plug-n-play products for Finance, HR, and Student systems.

All our products and solutions are delivered through Rapid Implementation methodologies resulting in quick ROI for our customers.

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Incorporation & History

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, KTech Products LLC was incorporated in 2019. KTech is a product & services company of Kastech Software Solutions Group. KTech products and solutions have been implemented for various public sector and commercial entities by Kastech since 2014-2015.


KTech has more than 250 years of combined industry experience (project management and solution delivery). Today, we boast of a rich pool of resources who provide global delivery services for our plug-n-play innovative and transformational products. 


Strategic Partnerships

In early 2021, KTech Products joined hands with Elire Inc– the leader in management consulting services. Through this partnership, KTech will leverage Elire’s Project Management, Business, Sales, and Marketing services which will help us improve our Rapid Deployment methodologies model and enhance our suite of digital technology products.


Vast Product Portfolio

KTech has created over 15 plug-n-play products using emerging digital transformation technologies to address the common pain points of various departments or  business functions within organizations, both commercial and public-sector. Our journey has just started. More to come!

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