Online admission portal for SBCTC


Online Admissions Application Portal

Go Live:

Feb 2021

Client: ​

Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges


Higher Education, Online Admissions

Business Need​ ​

The Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) — led by a nine-member governor-appointed board — advocates, coordinates and directs Washington state’s system of 34 public community and technical colleges catering to over 337,000 students every year.

In 2015, SBCTC implemented its first group of colleges in PeopleSoft (ctcLink). That implementation included a customized online admissions application, which soon turned out to be problematic for both applicants and college staff. Numerous modifications were made over the years.

Our Solution


Starting in 2018, SBCTC explored several options including admissions products used by other college systems, fixing the existing application that was in use, and developing an entirely new product. SBCTC selected our OAAP product after careful deliberation. KTech, in close collaboration with SBCTC, launched OAAP in February 2021 for 10 of 34 colleges. Three (3) more deployments are planned – June 2021, October 2021 and February 2022 – for remaining 24 colleges. 

Staff and college WINS!

  • Account creation utilizing one-time password (OTP) and reCAPTCHA 
  • Ability to see in-progress application details 
  • Dashboard showing account and application activity
  • Accessibility – WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliance

Business Value Delivered

  • Within three months since the deployment on February 2, 2021: 

    • 13,500 new accounts
    • 10,300 submitted applications
    • 1,700 in-progress applications
  • Higher student enrollments

  • Quicker processing of admission applications


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