Student Transcript OCR Automation (DigiScript) for NJIT

NJIT Customer Success Story - Transcript OCR to SIS implementation
for 1,600+ Colleges and 4,000+ High schools


Cloud-based  Transcript OCR to SIS Automation

Go Live:

October 2021 (1600+ Colleges), Feb 2022 (4000+ high schools)

Client: ​

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)


Higher Education, Student Success, Transcript OCR, RPA

Client Testimonials

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“Every work is true. You (Jai), your firm and your team have been wonderful partners. You have developed and delivered transformative technology.

KTECH has been a wonderful partner. Sometimes we noticed ways that processes could be improved that were not originally scoped, and discovered after a deliverable deadline. You and the KTECH team always graciously reviewed the issues, and sought to provide solutions that streamlined our processes even further, and further enhanced our ability to be more responsible to student needs.

Your firm has it all – individuals encompassing incredible technical skills, employed by a company with the highest ethical standards.

It has been a real you working with you and your team.”
Jerry Trombella, Ph.D.
University Registrar
Office of the Registrar
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Working with Jai and the KTech team has been a true pleasure from the start. They were committed from the get-go to learning the ins and outs of our process in order to understand our needs and serve our students better. KTech works in a professional and collaborative manner, always requesting feedback and bringing up new suggestions on enhancements. Their technology has provided us with an automation that saves us one of the most important resources we have - time - so we can focus our efforts elsewhere. The technology, in combination with the wonderful personalities on the team, make KTech not just a pleasure to work with but a true game changer in our field.
Dimana Kornegay
Director of Admission and Recruitment Marketing
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Business Need​ ​

NJIT receives transcripts from various colleges, universities, and high schools via multiple sources, namely, the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), Parchment, NJ-Transfer, Common-App and sometimes directly from institutions. Each college, university, and high school have their own transcript format and standards. It was a very time-consuming process to read the data from various types of transcript formats and enter into NJIT’s Student Information Systems (SIS) such as Slate, Ellucian Banner, and Banner Electronic Document Management System (BDMS).

To add to the complexity, transferring every subject, course, credit, and grade from transcripts required data analysis between transcripts, setup, and the types of students (applicants, future applicants, readmit students, transfer students, and continuing students) who wish to study at NJIT.

Business Value Delivered:

Rapid implementation for quick ROI

  • Pilot Go live within 2 months for 19 colleges
  • Next 1,600+ colleges in 1 month
  • 4,000+ high schools in another 2 months

Each transcript gets processed in under two (2) minutes using AI/ML RPA and OCR technologies.

AI/ML inputs from the users; Quick decision making through a user-friendly portal to view the digital structured output of the transcript, various reports & dashboards

References: NJIT Presentation at CoHEsion on DigiScript implementation

DigiScript Solution implemented at NJIT:


KTech implemented its DigiScript – an automated cloud-based solution built using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies.

DigiScript Capabilities

Hosted on KTech’s Digital Cloud (SOC-2 & SOC-3 compliant), DigiScript provides end-to-end automation. It downloads transcripts directly from NSC, Parchment, and NJ Transfer websites, OCRs the student/grade/course data, structures and maps the data, and enters it into SIS system including upload of the original transcript without lifting a finger. Each transcript gets processed in under 2 minutes. Transcripts went through extensive AI/ML OCR training with 100s of samples to ensure 100% data accuracy.

Strict student search criteria were used to ensure FERPA compliance and accuracy of the data. The AI/ML accuracy model gets improved over time as the system learns from the transcript’s good & verified data by the BOTs and kick-outs (data for manual verification), keeping 100% accuracy in mind.

The solution is implemented over the cloud without making any modifications to NJIT’s SIS system. The cloud-based solution comes with a user-friendly portal to view the digital structured output of the transcript, various reports & dashboards, and a system to resolve all the configurational errors for the NJIT staff.


Watch the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) DigiScript Video Presentation.


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