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AP Invoice & PO
Reconciliation Automation

Go Live:

July 2020​

Client: ​

Amerit Fleet​


RPA, OCR, Finance,
Logistics ​

Business Need​ ​

The client organization was spending 8,333 hours to process 100,000 invoices annually. The business need was to automate the Invoice Intake process, Voucher Creation, GL coding, PO Reconciliation, PO closure, report missing POs to the Accounts Payables department. ​



Invoices received: Email, Fax, Mail, Hand Delivered, Hand Written, Photo, Text​



Business users process material and service invoices manually. Large volumes of invoices are received causing issues with traceability.​



Invoices like Advance Payments, Logistics, Group Company, Debit and Credit notes, JV and supplementary are processed manually in various departments.​



All invoices are booked and processed manually in ERP systems for payment release. ​

Our Solution


Our AP Invoice and PO Reconciliation solution consisted of multiple RPA Bots working in tandem with the OCR Bot to replace the manual effort with an automated process. Manual intervention was reduced to scenarios where invoices did not pass the validation rules and for final approvals. ​

​ Key highlights of our solution​:

  • Automated intake of 100,000 invoices received annually from 700 vendors via email, vendor-website-downloads, fax, and hand-delivered​
  • 50% of these invoices are complex, 22% are photo images, and 9% are 3 pages long
  • The AP automation includes AP/GL coding, verification, 3-way match between two enterprise applications, PO exception reporting, PO closure, and enabling unused PeopleSoft FSCM Workflow features​

Business Value Delivered

  • The return on investment from this automation resulted in savings of 8,333+ manual work hours (4+ FTEs worth of work) with quality, error checking, and reporting

  • Break even in 3 months, 70% savings and realized saving from the very first month

  • Business Transformation: Agile Delivery; Realized ROI on weekly basis


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