Leverage the Benefits of Chabot’s, to Drive Smart Conversations

Engage users in Meaningful Conversations by leveraging the power of Chatbots

Benefits of Chatbots in Business

Automate frontline repetitive tasks with chatbots

Leveraging Chatbots' power benefits businesses in building long-lasting customer relationships and one conversation at a time. Creating AI-powered bots are more advantageous than conversational bots.

Industry Use Cases

Technology for simplifying business frontline services

Chatbots already revolutionized certain industry verticals by extending their capabilities. Chatbots can be implemented in the frontline areas like scheduling appointments, bookings, customer support, answering FAQ’s & queries, counseling, and advising, transaction statements, navigation, search & news, etc.

In Healthcare, supply-and-demand is a huge problem that can be fixed with bots. Bots are being used for healthcare-related applications like scheduling doctor's appointments, health assistance, hospital navigator, insurance claims, invoice statements, healthcare services, drug prescriptions, etc.

Travelers require a lot of information on the go like hotels & motels, cafes & restaurants, tour agents -operators, best cuisines & culture and other information. Chatbots are the perfect medium to be leveraged to manage travel plans, travel reminders, recommend local attractions, recommend cuisines & drinks, etc.

Bots can be used to reach out to new users, engage existing users with content, and serve customers. Apart from these, bots can be used to deliver personalized messages, the latest music, new shows, podcasts, viral videos, discounted offers on premium services, and finally, customer support.

Advanced AI bots make the insurance sector to deliver faster, efficient, and automated claim management like sell, process, and claim operations. Bots are also used to deliver information like quotes, statements, insurance policy status, etc.

Logistics have complex networks of supply chain operations. Chatbots can help a user with Real-time tracking of the goods, Invoice & Billing statements, delivery reports, and customer support.

In the HR Industry, Chatbots can deliver personalized messages like seasonal or temporary, part-time and full-time recruitment opportunities, employer branding, job inquiries, assistance, and HR support.

Students often face challenges in finding colleges' & universities' information. Chatbots offer better solutions in providing information about the university, courses offered, course fee, faculty, college locations, facilities offered, etc. Apart from this, students associated with universities can benefit from getting scorecards, professor assessments, study materials, news & updates.

In the banking and finance Industry, Chatbots can handle customer complaints and grievances, providing bank account-related information. Bots can be used in helpful in other areas like providing personal and service assistance, stockbroking, etc. Also, chatbots can be used for locating and navigating to the nearest branches and ATMs.

Chatbots can handle payments, personalized product search, order tracking, customer complaints, refund issues, product/service reviews & feedback, etc.

Improve your digital customer experience with Conversational AI chatbots to grow your business.