AR/Billing Automation optimizes the process and management of Accounts Receivables using Smart OCR and intelligent RPA.

Here is what AR/Billing Automation does

Identify & distribute unpaid Invoices - 80% faster

Automate 80% of the manual AR work

Optimize and automate excel based reconciliations

Automate monthly accrual process, booked and actual revenue recognition and COGS recognition

Bank reconciliations

Automate cash collection process for unpaid and overdue invoices

Automate payment updates and bank deposits

Catch invoice errors

Plug-n-Play core connectors for PeopleSoft, Oracle ERP Cloud, Workday, and SAP

Accounting accuracy and auditability

Deployment time:
2 to 4 Weeks


Realize your ROI in 1-3 months, 60-70% savings from the next month.

Client Testimonial

AR/Billing Automation removes the all-too-common obstacles preventing today’s businesses from collecting receivables on time. From invoice delivery to cash allocation, AR/Billing Automation automates every step of the way.

AR/Billing Automation makes B2B interactions simple, delivering everything you need to create seamless customer experiences and drive better business results.

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